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Hey all!

I'm very interested in starting up 3D art/animation and am in need of advice before I start buying software. Although I am pretty seasoned with Adobe Photoshop 7.0, I am completely new to 3D artwork in general and have a few questions that I would sincerely appreciate input on!

-What software would you recommend for a beginner? What do you think of Poser Artist vs. Poser 5 or 6? (Poser Artist claims to be beginner-friendly!)
-I've heard of the following products: Bryce 5.5, Vue, and DAZ -- If I were to create a character using Poser 5 or DAZ, would I be able to export them into Bryce 5.5 or Vue easily? Would I be able to export animations into both Bryce 5.5 and Vue as well?
-How about creating architecture easily...does Bryce 5.5 allow you to create buildings, or is this another product?

Also a basic questions...on average, how long do you usually spend on individual pictures? (including the central figure, background, etc.) Just to get an idea, since this will definitely be a hobby.

Perhaps I should be taking everything one thing at a time, but it all seems so exciting. All the artwork in this community is so amazing as well! :) Thanks in advance for any input!
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